Home Furnishing lighting design, not only should have internal sense of  science,but also have the external sense of art. In people's daily life, Home Furnishing lighting combines the perfection of the two , so as to display the aesthetic taste and the infinite of life to the owner.

When decorating, lighting design is the most easily overlooked,but it has a great effect on the quality of Home Furnishing.Indoor lighting atmosphere can be quiet and comfortable,also can be romantic and closeness,but also happy.When People choose Home Furnishing lighting,like picking paint colors,the texture of the carpet,the style of curtain,it's various.Each choice can lead a different mood. Using lighting to emphasize art,to light ladies map or the creative unique decorations,can increase the beauty of Home Furnishing environment.Now,let us analysis how to make Home Furnishing atmosphere better with scientific lighting scheme from room to room.

Living Room Lighting -- "Foreign Ministry" light

The living room is an important place for family recreation and reception,so the main tone living room lighting design should be bright,practical and beautiful, to meet the requirements of various occasions.

The living room lighting design in the light source should be the main light source and the auxiliary light source. The main light source is generally refers to the chandelier,ceiling lamps, Installing the combined chandelier in the living room, not only the appearance is luxury, but also can adjust the illumination, which is loved by the people. According to the popular 2.8 meters tall, Seaton lighting launched a series of elegant, classical, luxury ceiling light and small combined lamps, to meet the different needs of consumers.

Auxiliary light source refers to the wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, and so on,which is  playing a auxiliary lighting function. As the source of art into people's homes, its using is more and more frequent . Some wall lamp plays a wall corner decoration, murals role, make this corner of beautiful spot. The floor lamp is the key of interior decoration, color should be elegant,and had better keep consistent with the color of sofa and living room. The illumination requirement of the  lamp on the desk or table is relatively high, the position of the light source should be higher, widen the light cast sprinkle surface. While the parlor with table lamp, illumination can be relatively low, may select the barrel translucent cover, to make the light sprinkle to the reception area, which can build sweet and enjoyable atmosphere.

Bed Room Lighting -- "Comfortable" light

Bedroom lighting not only need to meet the requirements of soft, relaxed, quiet sleep, romantic environment, but also to meet the dress and bedtime reading needs. The subtle combination of various bedroom lighting requirements need lighting design provide for its exquisite balance.

The bedroom is sleep room, require good privacy. The light should be soft, avoiding glare and stray light, to help the owner to enter a sleep state. The starting point of bedroom lighting is the basis lighting for the main light source , with decorative lighting and focus lighting to heighten the atmosphere. In general,we can use a ceiling as the main light, placed in the middle of the ceiling.The ceiling light of Xintianwell is not only dimmable and toning,but also can set off time and as a night-light.In the mean time,can set a wall lamp,lighting trough or downlight as decorative lighting or focus lighting, indoor lighting to reduce the contrast lighting of the living room.

If the owner has a habit of reading books in bed , suggesting placing a dimmable desk lamp in the head of a bed.Installing energy-saving lamp or a cooling color temperature halogen light source can avoid visual fatigue of reading. Bedside lamp can provide centralized soft light, not only to listen to music and create a soft lighting environment, but also can satisfy the demand of leisure reading lighting. Using a spotlight to emphasize a piece of art, such as carving, glass bottles and so on.And it can make you more relax.

Study Room Lighting -- "Healthy" light

The study room is a reading and writing room.From the study lighting requirements,the study room lighting of selection is the first consideration to protect eyesight. In addition to human physiology, health and eye health and other factors, the main radiation must make the illuminance ratio of the lamp surface and non main irradiated surface  is about 10:1, which is suitable for the vision of human. In addition,making the intensity more than 150Lux can meet the need of writing lighting.

Along with the computer into thousands of households, the screen of the computer needs a good lighting environment.First,ensuring that there is enough light to illuminate the keyboard area.Second,in order to avoid  the contrast brightness stimulating eyes,you had better play the weaker light to the screen.The desk lamp has the characteristics of high illumination, comfortable vision, flexible movement and so on.Equipped a proper desk lamp in the work area can obtain the ideal effect.

Dining Room Lighting -- "High CRI" light

Restaurant lighting requires gentle color temperature,enough brightness,not only can make the family be able to see the food clearly, eat and talk freely; but also can match the color of the table, chair and tableware, to make the visual more realistic. Lighting design can affect the overall effect of the restaurant, to make more warm and romantic,ceiling light and pendant lamp should be the first choice of lamps in a restaurant.

Because of small department  is more and more popular, many families have no separate dining room, only use the part of the living room as a dining area. In this case, the light  concentrates on the table , but not illuminate the entire area evenly, which can increase a closer sense of host and guest .The conventional scheme is a single lamp hanging over the table. For larger tables, should use two or three small power lamps, can meet the need of the dining environment. Dimmer remote control plays a big role in the restaurant lighting, it can adjust according to the repast need of illumination, or in the non meal time only illuminate the foot of the table,which is also a part of the scenery of the living room.

Kitchen Room Lighting -- "bright"  light

The kitchen as a studio, need regular illumination withoutshadow. Kitchen lighting should be both practical beautiful,bright and impressed a clean feeling. Kitchen lighting can be divided into two levels: one is the basic lighting of the whole kitchen; the other is a focus lighting for washing, meal preparation and operation area.

Basic lighting to illuminate the whole area, can use ceiling or chandelier light between 25-40W,especially arranged an embedded ceiling lights,or waterproof,dustproof and oilproof ceiling light,which can provide high efficiency and save energy.

Then, the kitchen lamps should be functional, simple and easy to clean. Lighting materials should be something not easy to be oxidized and rust, or have protection layer in the surface . Xintianwell provide the economic and durable kitchen light to customer , not only to create a bright environment, but also can help the natural color of the food to get true reproduction, to create a bright and comfortable operation of the kitchen environment.

In order to make the kitchen lighting more perfect, and make it convenient to cook , you can install a composed of different lamps and light source and multi-level lighting system in the kitchen. Lighting device can also be installed in the cabinet,which is used as indirect lighting, such as little bulbs,which is shining in the upper cabinet, not only beautiful and not dazzling, but also good for taking dishes.

Bath Room Lighting -- "Relaxed"  light

During the day, the bathroom should be clean, fresh, bright; during the night, it should be quiet and relaxed.The bathroom is the special places because water coexists with electric,so the  lamps must equipped with waterproof and dustproof function.

The light of the bathroom shower, toilet and other functional areas should be soft. The illumination requirements is not high, but the light should be well-distributed. As this area of water using is very frequent, source itself should be equipped with  good heat dissipation,waterproof and non-ponding function. Generally speaking, in the 5 square meters space,should illuminate with 60W light source, the color rendering index of the lamp is not high, and incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, gas lamps are the choices. Relatively speaking,wall light is more suitable for the bathroom environment, it can reduce the effect of the shadow from a light top.

Because of the make-up function requirements, the color rendering index on the face care regional requirements higher, generally can only be LED lamp,which is a good color high-grade light source. Considering the intensity and angle of light , the lamps is suggested be installed on the both sides of the mirror,in order to provide adequate and uniform lighting environment.

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